5 Easy Tips to Shop Online Safely

Enjoy peace of mind while making purchases on the internet.
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With more brands becoming available on the internet, it’s more appealing than ever to shop online. Throw in discounts and the convenience of armchair-shopping, and there’s all the more reason to click ‘buy’.

But, before finalising the purchase, it’s good to know that you’re not in for an unpleasant surprise. Check out these tips for shopping online safely, as shared by Fortinet,  a leading cyber security company.

1. Shop via a secure wireless network

Free public WiFi can be a real lifesaver (and boredom-buster), but it’s not so great for sensitive transactions such as paying for your new top or that virtual bag of groceries.

Watch out: It’s easy for criminals to intercept a free public connection and steal your credit card information, passwords and other personal data.

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