5 Cleaning Hacks To Make Life Easier

Get chores done using less time and energy!

While we all enjoy spending time in a clean and welcoming home, we don’t always have the time and energy to tidy up after ourselves. But here’s a secret: there are shortcuts to spick and span. To make chores less tedious, give these cleaning hacks a try!

Cleaning your oven with ammonia

Place a bowl containing 1/2 a cup of ammonia on the oven’s top rack, and a large pan of hot water on the bottom rack. Close the oven door and leave overnight, after which you can remove the dish and pan. Let the oven air out a bit to get rid of the odour, before wiping the interior down with a damp cloth soaked in water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Caution: this method is not compatible with gas ovens!

Disinfecting wooden cutting boards

As it’s nearly impossible to totally sanitise a wooden board, it’s best to use plastic boards for raw meat. To clean yours of fruit and veggie residue, squeeze the juice of half a lemon over the board. Use the lemon to spread it around. Then, sprinkle some coarse sea salt over the board. Using another half of a lemon, squeeze juice over the salt and spread both around. Lastly, wipe the board clean with paper towels.

Dusting with a lint roller

Decor pieces such as cosy lamps; shelves for books, toys and knick-knacks; and sideboards to place mementos such as family pictures instantly add character. But, they can also be a nightmare to dust (and then there’s the added task of vacuuming the dust after). To go around this situation, clean them with a lint roller to dust and vacuum at the same time!

Doing away with the bucket

Dragging around a heavy bucket (and having water sloshing out) can cause more of a mess. Instead, fill a spray bottle with diluted cleaning solution, and switch to a microfiber mop as it’s better at trapping dust and dirt.

Investing in the right cleaning products

While this may seem pricey for now, it’ll save you time and effort in the long-run. For example, Method‘s All Purpose Cleaner is specifically formulated to cut through grease and grime effectively when it’s used on hard surfaces such as the countertop, glass, chrome, tile, and stone. And, as there’s a good chance it’ll come into contact with the skin, it’s non-toxic and naturally derived with biodegradable ingredients.