5 Book Trails To Kick Off Your Virtual Journey

With a little imagination and technology, you can explore the destinations in your favourite books.

Travel in the time of quarantine and social distancing – through the delights of storytelling! So whether you are on a couch, window seat or at the kitchen table, get ready to go on an adventure through books and technology. Agoda has put together five book trails to inspire you to kick off your (virtual) journey.

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Murder on the Orient Express

Author: Agatha Christie

Destination: Turkey

“It would be a pity to pass through (Istanbul), — comme ça.” He snapped his fingers descriptively. “Nothing presses—I shall remain there as a tourist for a few days.”

After solving his latest case, detective Hercule Poirot planned to spend a few days in Istanbul as a tourist. With its East meets West location, visitors can immerse themselves in its long history dating back to the Roman empire. Istanbul is undoubtedly rich with culture, unique arts, and remarkable architectural sites. If the book inspired you to get to know more about Istanbul, take a look at the Hagia Sophia, once an Orthodox Church and Ottoman Mosque.

For art enthusiasts, museums in Istanbul are now offering digital exhibitions including Pera Museum which includes “Istanbul: The City of Dreams” and ““Language of the Wall,” one of the most comprehensive exhibitions on graffiti in the world. If you are looking for modern art, ‘Artists in Their Time’ at Istanbul Modern is just a few clicks away. The exhibition suggests a conceptual field for examining and reconciling the links between an artist’s time and societal, cultural, natural and universal time.

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