4 Simple Ways to Decorate Your House With Plants

Want to adorn your house with ornaments? Look no further than functional yet decorative houseplants.

Safe and clean indoor air is very vital for our health, which we often overlook. A NASA study on clean air proves that house plants can be the natural and effective air filter you need at home to remove toxic agents and neutralize the health problems resulting from poor ventilation. So, if you refuse to splurge on air purifiers, why not spruce up your home décor with houseplants? Not only do they automatically freshen up the air, they’re also visually pleasing and lower your stress level!

What are the ideal indoor plants?

Photo Credit: Arvil Paradise

When moving nature indoors, you want to make sure your choice of plants are those that are especially hardy — especially when you’re like me and not blessed with a green thumb. Here are some of the common houseplants you can pick from.

Remember: if you have young kids and pets at home, always check beforehand if these plants are toxic to your loved ones!

  1. Pothos Ivy
  2. Rubber Plant
  3. Snake Plant
  4. Asparagus Fern
  5. Fiddle Leaf Fig
  6. Philodendron


Décor ideas with houseplants


Hanging plants

You can create a small canopy, for example over your dining table with plants like Pothos Ivy, or place pots in a macramé holder. Hanging your plants is also the ideal way to embellish small spaces.

 Wall-mounted display

This is the perfect decor idea for small and cramped spaces. You can either place the greens on a floating ledge, or build a ‘wall art’ with trellis. Those who do a lot of cooking at home can also consider creating a vertical garden in the kitchen with various fresh herbs.


Planter Boxes

A planter box works as an organiser for various plants. You can opt to either place individual pots into the box or fill it with soil for indoor planting. But think twice,  pet owners, as your fur kids could mistake this as their sandbox!

 A towel rack or pipe

Your towel rack is not only for your clothes: you can also use them as a plant organiser. If you don’t have one, re-purpose an exposed copper pipe or install one. Embrace the industrial aesthetic, or paint the pipe a colour that matches your furniture.