SHAPE Tries: 4 Self-Love Lessons I Picked Up From The Supparetreat

Self-love is more than just a trending hashtag.

The Supparetreat by Sarah Lian, which was held at the Tanjong Jara Resort in January, was a lot of things to the women who had attended it. The three-day retreat themed 'Ignite', was part activity, part talk, part meditation, with a focus on what our potentials were, as an individual, and together, as women. Suffice to say that we left the retreat with new friendships, appreciation for what women can achieve when they banded together, and with a sense of renewed enthusiasm for life.

As for me, I discovered self-love. Now, I have done a lot of things in the name of self-love, but I can't say if any of those things truly did contribute to me caring for myself in the holistic sense. Perhaps, I knew what self-love really stood for, and for some reasons, I was evading it. But the three days at the retreat managed to push me to acknowledge it, and put things in motion.

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We were almost always huddled in this intimate circle during the sessions at this retreat.

So, here are the 4 major self-love lessons I learnt from the retreat:

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Love yourself now

Just after the final session, Brave, with facilitator Racheal Kwacz. Here, we learnt about what made a woman successful and influential with her peers.

Loving yourself has a lot to do with forgiving, having compassion, and accepting yourself as you are now, at this moment. That means, it’s okay if you’re not perfect! Perfection is overrated, and the more I think about perfection, the more stressed out I become. Continuous stress can lead to conditions like muscle tension, acid reflux, headaches and sleeplessness – and it can affect your mood and behaviour, and eventually your relationship with other people. So, don’t obsess over perfection – it’s not good for your health, and what is self-love without caring for your health?

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