4 Up-and-Coming Local Female Artists You Should Know About

They're adding #GirlPower to the local art scene!

Redefining female artist in the art world, ‘KL: The Future Is Female’ is an exhibition that puts the spotlight on 15 female artists, both local and international. The featured artworks are not only challenging the status quo, but also driving trends in the world of contemporary art. Among these playful, radical and strong artworks, we spotted some interesting pieces by 4 up-and-coming Malaysian artists.

Exhibition details:

TAKSU Galleries, 17 Jalan Pawang, Datuk Keramat, 54000 Kuala Lumpur

Nearest train stations:
1) LRT Dato Keramat Station — Kelana Jaya Line
2) LRT Jelatek Station — Kelana Jaya Line

Date: 31 October 2019 to 23 November 2019

Time: Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 6 pm

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Image: TAKSU Galleries

Agnes Lau

Agnes is a multidisciplinary artist who enjoys creating artworks with a variety of medium and materials. Most of her work involves a repetitive action of drawing dots and lines, which allows the audience to indulge in a calm and peaceful state of mind amidst the chaos. Her work has been exhibited by several local galleries such as TAKSU Galleries, G13 Gallery, National Art Gallery and more. She also had her first solo exhibition ‘dot dot dot line line line’ at TAKSU Galleries in early 2019.

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