Celebrating 35 Years Of Joven With Their Supportive Customers

Be touched by the heartwarming stories of how these families’ lives have changed from the moment they got their very first Joven appliance.
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Who influences you the most when it comes to money and home matters? For many of us, the very first people we go to for advice are our parents. And even if we don’t, we often turn to what we’ve known since childhood. For over three decades (35 years to be exact), Joven has been making a positive impact on families all over Malaysia – a legacy built of love and trust.

Making it cosy

When Ms Lee was just a little girl, her parents were already using a Joven water heater. It came in handy during the rainy season as temperatures were colder back then. That very first encounter with Joven in her childhood has influenced her to trust the brand for her own home. A banker for 14 years and counting, happily married with two beautiful girls, and a longtime customer of Joven, she chose the Joven ceiling fan for her weekend home.

 “When I walk into the house, I sit down and relax, switch on some music and the Joven fan, and read the newspapers over a glass of wine or whiskey. This is how I manage my personal life. This unit actually gives me very good ventilation. We once switched off the air-conditioning and just relied on the Joven fan – the volume of air was just fantastic,” she enthuses. Her reasons for purchasing Joven’s products are the reliability, affordable price point, and how widely available they are. “I believe in enjoying life and will choose Joven for my comfort and relaxation.”

This smart fan has its very own intergrated LED light, along with a the reverse wind direction for flexible cooling.

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