3 Tips On Picking Tech That Lets You Work From Home Productively

With the right device, you'll be able to get things done more easily and in less time.
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Image: Pexels

During this Movement Control Order (MCO), working from home is the new norm and we’re expected to stay productive. But for many of us, our home – and the technology within it – needs adjustments to accommodate our new working arrangement.

These tips will guide you towards activating your best performance, anywhere at home – from porch to the kitchen table – with little to no constraints at all.

1. Look for long battery life

Acer Aspire 3 with 7.5 hours battery life, and fast SSD for quick Windows start-up, and loading of documents and applications

The most comfortable seat at home may not be near power outlets. A laptop with longer battery life helps you maintain productivity, without having to pull a cable from one end to another of your house. Not only is this rather unsightly, someone may end up tripping on it. Definitely a no in homes with the elderly or small kids!

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