3 Relationship Tips For A Happier, More Equal Marriage

Does it feel like you’re the only one pulling your weight in the relationship? Get some balance back! Here are solutions to the three most common scenarios of inequality.

1. You’re always doing the household chores
It doesn’t matter that you’ve had a long day at work – your husband still expects you to cook, clean and do the grocery runs while he chillaxes on the couch. His excuse? “A guy like me shouldn’t be doing housework!”

The fix: Stroke his ego

One way to get your hubby to pull his weight around the house is to convince him he’s good at it. The bonus? He might even think it was his idea. Alternatively, tap on his provider instinct by making a direct request. Say: “Dear, I’m tired when I get home; I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out with the chores.”


#2 You’re settling all the bills
He claims he’s rubbish with money – so you’re paying for everything. In addition, your hubby leaves big financial decisions – like how much to spend on the home renovation or how to invest your joint savings – to you, saying he’s fine with whatever you decide.

The fix: Start delegating

In your husband’s eyes, there’s no reason he should intervene since you are already doing such a great job. Instead of bemoaning his never being on top of the bills, start “outsourcing” some fiscal responsibility to your husband. Let him settle a few bills, or entrust him with a key financial decision. If he needs persuading, shower him with compliments like, “Hon, we have to make bookings for our family holiday soon. Since you know where to fi nd the best airfares, you can get the plane tickets, okay?”


#3 You’re the one initiating sex and date nights
No flowers and gifts for you. Your husband sits back and lets you make all the romantic plans – and that includes asking him for sex. It almost feels like you have to beg for his affection!

The fix: Put the fun back into your love life

He may have stopped taking the initiative because your relationship has gone stale, so fire up his interest first. Suggest that he thinks of new sex positions you can try together, or hint that you’d love to take a romantic holiday. If the thought of basking in the Maldives doesn’t motivate him to research hotels, we’re not sure what will. A sure way to get him hot and bothered? Send him a sexy text when he’s at work. Continue the text teasing until you get home, by which time he will be so turned on that he will take the lead!


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