3 Books to Start You on a Self-care Journey (If You Haven’t Already!)

Let these books help you in rethinking your wellness habits.

Looks like #selfcare is still trending and we thought these self-help books could help you to start making the necessary changes in your life. Browse through here!

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The Self-care Solution by Jennifer Ashton

This 271-page book is about doing life one step at a time. The idea is to make small wellness changes that will eventually lead up to big transformations. The author, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, who is the chief medical correspondent for ABC News and a board-certified doctor and nutritionist in OB-GYN and obesity medicine, talks about how different areas of wellness could affect your well-being, and these are broken down and spread across the 12 months in a year. So the book has 12 chapters – each with a wellness topic that is taken into further elaboration, tips, and realistic actions plans. The book looks into challenges like drinking less, adding cardio into your lifestyle, reducing sugar intake, the importance of stretching, sleeping and hydration. It’s an empowering, practical guide to rethinking holistic wellness and making lasting changes each month.

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