12 Most Stylish Ang Pow Packets We’ve Seen This Year

Easy on the eyes, and pretty enough that you'll want to keep some for your own collection!

Ang pow, hong bao, lai see, red packets, red envelopes… whichever name they go by, they’re always a common sight at this time of the year!

This is because giving money in red envelopes is said to bestow more blessings on the receivers. Traditionally, children and unmarried people are the recipients of this gift of money. However, working adults may also give ang pow to their parents and grandparents.

Brands take this opportunity to design ang pows, raising the bar from year to year. Here, we round up the most stylish designs we’ve come across this year:

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FOREFRONT’s F&B outlets (Foremula, Forebidden, and Therefore) are selling CNY 2020 Ang Pows in a pack 0f 8 pieces (RM48, or RM88 for two packs) when you spend at least RM20 on menu items.

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