10 Ways To Effectively Communicate At Work

How you can confidently take the lead at work!
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Adapt your ideas to others

When an idea comes to mind, we often have a set image of it that isn’t always easily conveyed to others. Get to know your audience, so you can understand their thought patterns and find a way to communicate effectively with them.

Pay attention to non-verbal cues

It’s very easy to say something that you don’t really mean, so it’s important to look at both your own non-verbal cues and those others are sending you. There’s a lot to be said for what’s not really being said.

Practise R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

If you have to work with someone you don’t get along with, then set aside your pride and ego. “Treat the person with courtesy and respect, as you would treat anyone else,” Jacki suggests. Should the other person persist in being rude and unprofessional, firmly explain that you refuse to be treated that way, then calmly leave the situation.

Be optimistic

Identify the benefit in your situation – look at obstacles as challenges to growth and change. “For example, if your presentation did not get the result that you wanted, look at it as an opportunity to learn and improve. Reflect and ask yourself how I can do better the next time,” says Jacki.

Be specific

Instead of just saying “I don’t like it,”, state the specific things that you do not like. To avoid misconceptions, break your feedback down into key points, rather than lump everything together.

Ask for feedback

Speak to those who you communicate with frequently, to find out how you can improve on your communication with them. Sometimes all it takes is a few suggestions to get along better with someone else. “Don’t forget to say thank you when you receive criticisms too,” Jacki advises.

 This article first appeared in Her World’s January 2015 issue.
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