10 Ways You’re Staining Your Teeth Without Realising It

You brush your teeth diligently, yet it doesn't seem to keep your them shiny and white? Here's why.

We all know the basic rules to keep our pearly whites, well, white. No smoking or coffee or red wine, and diligent flossing after every meal. Sounds like no fun at all, but we know it’s what we have to do if we want to have a dazzling smile.

But what if we were staining our teeth without even realising it? Coffee and nicotine are not the only causes of staining. There are other foods in our diet, or habits we practice, that may leave their mark on our teeth.

If you feel like no matter how often you brush or floss your teeth or avoid those teeth stainers listed above, your teeth are still not as bright as they should be, then maybe it’s time to reexamine your daily habits and the food you eat.

Here are 10 things you might be doing to stain your teeth without even realising it:

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1. Sipping on lemonade

Lemonade may be a refreshing drink for hot weather, but its combination of acid and sugar can spell trouble for your teeth. The acidity in the lemonade erodes the tooth enamel, revealing the next layer called the dentin, which in itself is very yellow. Add sugar to the mix and you’ve got double the staining when it sticks to your teeth.

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