You Guide To Brighter, Smoother Skin

Margaret Wu, founder of For Beloved One, shares with us her beauty secret and more!

When it comes to beauty, most women look for brighter, smoother and healthy skin and For Beloved One beauty brand addresses exactly that. If you are not familiar with the popular Taiwanese brand, For Beloved One is known for its bio-cellulose mask. It is the world’s first ever bio-cellulose mask in the beauty industry.

We had the privilege to meet the lovely Margaret Wu, brand founder of For Beloved One. She shared with us her beauty secret, more insights about her cosmetic brand and how we can better take care of our skin:

What made you want to start your own cosmetic brand?
“I was a beauty editor for 15 years and I learnt that many of us worry a lot about having a fair complexion. So we really need cosmetic products in our lives to maintain healthy, glowing skin.”

What do you love most about it?
“Most brand founders say that their brand is like their baby. For me, I feel For Beloved One is another me; the birth of my brand changed my perspective of how I look at myself. It made me want to search and explore more about myself. And in the midst of creating this brand, I faced a lot of challenges, making my life more colourful and fruitful. So it’s not just about running a business; it is just like having another spiritual life and partner.

What is the ideal duration to keep a mask on?
“I would say 15 minutes is the perfect duration. However, if you’re using a biocellulose mask, you can have it on for a longer time because the essence will not evaporate. If you’re using a normal mask, don’t put it on for too long because sheet masks tend to absorb moisture from your skin.”

How often should women with mature skin use a face mask, compared to those with younger skin?
“Women with mature skin can use a face mask every day but remember to use a slightly richer formula as ageing skin needs more nutrients and hydration. However, if your skin is well hydrated and healthy, just practise your basic moisturising routine.”

What should women focus on when they notice early signs of ageing?
“Skincare products help to delay the process of ageing. However, targeted skincare is recommended, especially around the eyes and lips. It is good to also massage your face and skin. Not forgetting regular facial exercise, as this helps to plump up the skin.”

What are your top three products you must have with you whenever you travel?
“The Anti-Aging Ceramide Squalane Serum, a vitamin C mask, and a must is an eye cream. It is very crucial that I have an eye cream with me and I also sometimes use this around the lip area. It works wonders.”

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Here are some of our favourites you need to try:

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For Beloved One Hyaluronic Acid GHK-Cu Moisturizing Bio- Cellulose Mask, RM175 (for 7 pieces). The world’s first biocellulose mask, restores moisture from the inside out. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin or as special care for after-derma treatment.

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