These Retro Beauty Products Are Still Going Strong in 2020!

They work, time after time – consistently and efficiently.

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They say old is gold – and nowhere is this most relevant than in the realm of beauty, where trends appear at the speed of light and disappear just as suddenly. While it’s true that the beauty arena is fast-moving and crowded with new ingredients, formulations and fads, there are a handful of sterling products that have achieved a steady level of popularity across the years.

We’ve handpicked several retro beauty products that have become firm favourites.

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Weleda Skin Food

One of the oldest natural beauty brands, Weleda (which means ‘priestess of healing’) was created in 1921 by Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner and a Dutch doctor, Ita Wegman. The duo witnessed the positive impact of creating their own skincare products made from organically grown plants and herbs and launched their products – an arnica massage balm and their signature Skin Food moisturizer, in Switzerland.

The popularity of the products grew through word of mouth and by 1925, the owners were looking at global expansion. Weleda Skin Food moisturizer remains till today as the brand’s bestseller and is available locally at the M+ Pharmacy in Bangsar Village.

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