These 10 Local Designer Brands Are Surprisingly Affordable!

Unique, well-made clothing is no longer only accessible to wealthy celebrities and socialites.

Are you looking to own a piece or two from a designer brand? Big, international brands such as Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton are all very desirable... but extremely expensive to purchase. A single item may even cost the equivalent of a month's salary!

There is an alternative for the style-conscious woman who values a good bargain. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how beautifully made and affordable local designer brands can be. We've got our eyes on these names:

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Bran et Daguet

Bran et Daguet is the creation of Brandon Tan, a local designer who has also been making a name for himself throughout Southeast Asia. The brand exudes an edgy and dramatic flair in their designs, with bold colours and textures that are sourced by the designer himself during his travels. Many of Bran et Daguet’s clothes also feature intricate details, including embroidery and highly artistic prints. Prices start from RM1,000 for couture dresses. You can buy Bran et Daguet from HTHU, or contact the brand directly on their Facebook page.

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