The Secret To Smooth and Glowing Skin

Here's one step you need to know about for smooth and clear Raya-ready skin.

When it comes to skin care routines, you have your basic cleanse, tone and moisturise, and then you have your 9-step K-Beauty regime. The latter might strike terror into the hearts of busy boss babes on the go, but is essential if you’re looking to attain super-smooth and clear, healthy-looking skin. The 9- or 10-step beauty regime is popular because Korean stars with their smooth and almost translucent-looking skin, and entails the following products: cleanser, exfoliator, toner, essence, serum, eye cream, face mask, night cream, and moisturiser.

Chinese actress Ni Ni for SK-II.

Out of all the products in this regime, one product you could add to your basic routine to boost skin clarity is the essence. The essence basically preps your skin so that it can absorb your moisturiser better. However, the product itself usually contains ingredients that help address a few skin problems and helps brighten and smoothen out skin as well.

If you’re thinking of adding an essence to you daily skin care routine, here are some essences that are currently in the market to look out for:-

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Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft Dewy Moist Essence and White Glow Snowy White Essence, RM39.90 each

In creating their essences to add to the Syahirah Korean Secrets beauty lines, the brand looked towards the “Glass Skin Effect” K-Beauty trend. The Glass Skin effect is said to be the highest level of skin beauty where your skin is so smooth and clear that it looks almost translucent. Formulated with floral essences from flowers found on Jeju Island, Korea, both these essences will help in achieving that flawless visage. The Hydra Soft Dewy Moist essence is perfect for those wanting healthy and supple skin, while the White Glow Snowy White essence is for those who want fairer and more radiant skin.

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