Neelofa Wants You To Go Far And Feel Empowered In Modest Wear

Naelofar's new branding and direction underscores its message of female empowerment.

Neelofa needs little introduction these days. The celebrity fashionista and entrepreneur has gone from one achievement to the next, recently gracing the cover of our January/February 2020 issue.

Crossing over from Miss Teen Malaysia 2009/2010 to screen star to business mogul – before turning 30 – Neelofa has always been a go-getter. And she’s set her sights not just on Asia, but also Europe and the States. That is to say, she knows the only limits to success are self-made – and you don’t have to dress a certain way, or compromise your values, to get ahead.

So, it’s apt that the hijab brand she founded, Naelofar, is an extension of her beliefs. It’s certainly no coincidence that Naelofar rhymes with ‘far’.

I created Naelofar so that every woman can go far. The rest is up to them.

Five years since its inception and journey to becoming a leading hijab brand, Naelofar has a new identity. The aim is to help women feel empowered by their decision to choose modest wear, and to ‘Go Far’ together with the brand.

“With this new direction, I hope Naelofar is able to inspire change in society’s perception towards women’s choices in this modern day and era,” says Neelofa.

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New logo and branding colour

The new logo keeps it simple and instantly recognizable. It also showcases ‘Naelofar Orange’, a colour which reflects the strength and boldness of the brand.

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