4 Niche Perfumes You Can Now Get In Malaysia

To quote the ultimate style icon, Coco Chanel, “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.” I couldn’t agree more! To us, the people who share this sentiment,  running into someone with the same outfit is less awkward than running into someone wearing the same scent.

Finding an exceptional scent that goes with our body chemistry is not easy. Often, to play it safe, we turn to the conventional names. So here, we round up a list of distinct fragrances all the way from Europe, which you can now find in Amaris. The luxury fragrance retailer, located at Isetan KLCC and Isetan One Utama, houses a carefully curated collection of niche perfumes.

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BDK Parfums

BDK Parfums is an independent perfume house based in France. Their creative fragrances – containing high-quality and unique raw ingredients – are inspired by characters, movements and silhouettes in the city of love and romance: Paris. Founder David Benedek grew up in the universe of perfumer, with grandparents who were amongst the first authorised to distribute name-brand perfumes, such as Worth and Christian Dior, in Paris in the 1950s. Without any preconceived formulas, the brand gives free reign to conscientious artisans with an emphasis on individuality.

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