Review: New Products For Dry Skin Worth Trying Out!

Find out which products our fashion and beauty writer tried (and liked) recently.

If you struggle with dry and dull skin as I do, then these products might help to brighten up your day -- complexion included! ;)

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Kiehl’s Love Oil for Lips, RM70

Retails for RM70

I, too, am not the type to leave the house without any colour on my lips. Simply because mine is pale and I don’t want to look like death is shadowing me. A tinted lip oil is perfect for days where I don’t feel like putting on any makeup. I’d just wear sunscreen, slip on a pair sunglasses to cover my panda eyes, and dab this on my lips. This lip oil from Kiehl’s is available untinted, and also in four sheer shades. It doesn’t stain, so you’ll have to reapply after eating and drinking. It does, however, give lips a natural-looking glow. Think: my lips but better.

Buy here from Kielhs.

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