Review: New Products For Dry Skin Worth Trying Out!

Find out which products our fashion and beauty writer tried (and liked) recently.

If you struggle with dry and dull skin as I do, then these products might help to brighten up your day -- complexion included! ;)

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This Works Morning Expert Open Eyes Eye Cream, RM170

The hunt for a good eye treatment that actually works is never-ending in my case. I never leave the house without concealer under my eyes because without them, I look sick and tired. I’ve only been using this eye cream for a week so I can’t really say that it has done anything for my dark circles. It is, however, really moisturising — you need only a small amount because it’s so emollient! So I absolutely love it under makeup, and it really does help to keep caking at bay.

Buy here at Sephora.

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