Review: New Products For Dry Skin Worth Trying Out!

Find out which products our fashion and beauty writer tried (and liked) recently.

If you struggle with dry and dull skin as I do, then these products might help to brighten up your day — complexion included! 😉

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Dr. Jart+ V7 Pink Toning, RM220

I have sensitive, dry-to-normal skin. And one of my major concerns is that 90% of the time, my skin looks dull. Weird as it may sound, my face is also a few shades darker than my body. So on days where I’m wearing a deep V-neck shirt and in no mood to pack foundation on my face, this moisturiser comes in really handy. Because of its instant brightening effect — thanks to the pink tint of the cream — my skin looks somewhat lighter, making the difference in tone between my face and body less obvious. Aside from the brightening effect, it’s uber moisturising and the perfect primer for makeup! I’m medium-toned so if you’re darker, this moisturiser would leave a slight tint after application. In my case, it didn’t leave any white cast.

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