Physical Exfoliators That Don’t Ruin Your Skin

Not all scrubs will deal damage. Here's why you need the ones that work.

Physical exfoliators aren't always a popular choice when it comes to removing dead skin, due to the bad rep they've received in the past years. We uncover the reason behind this and share the ones we approve of.

Back in the day, physical exfoliators usually contained ground-up fruit pits, nut shells and/or microbeads. Nutshells are gritty, which can cause micro-tear, while we now know microbeads are actually tiny plastic spheres and environmentally unfriendly. Fast forward to today: the latest exfoliators are way gentler -- on your skin and conscience. The trick is not to scrub too hard and to use circular motions without adding pressure. But if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, they may be too abrasive and can cause further irritation.

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VMV Hypoallergenics Moisture Rich Mild-mannered Cleansing Scrub, RM94

Great for Dry Skin

Keep your complexion bright and clean with pumice grains in a moisture-rich lubricating cream. It contains organic virgin coconut oil, a source of good fatty acids ideal for moisturisation and barrier therapy. There’s also glycerin and monolaurin, a coconut-derived anti-microbial to help prevent itching and infections.

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