Do you know ordinary body wash can lead to dry, itchy and sensitive skin?

Soothing skin sensitivities and replenishing lost moisture begin in the shower.

We all love the “squeaky clean” feeling after a nice hot shower, but more often than not, “squeaky” can also translate to “dry and tight”. The taut feeling is the result of your skin being stripped of its natural oils caused by harsh, soap-based formulas, which can lead to skin irritation, sensitivity, and dehydration, as well as exacerbate existing conditions.

Coddle dry skin back to its baby-smooth state by showering with QV Gentle Wash. The soap-free cleanser is extremely gentle on the skin, designed with a low-irritant formula that’s free from colour, fragrance, lanolin, and other ingredients that can trigger sensitivities. It’s also enriched with 15% glycerin, which works a treat in hydrating parched skin and locking in moisture.

Then, as soon as you’ve toweled off, double down on dehydrated skin with a pampering slather of QV Cream. The rich, protective cream offers welcome relief, nourishing trouble areas with a soothing moisture boost. Both products are suitable for skin conditions such that cause dryness, inflammation and irritation, making QV a top choice for happy, healthy skin.

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