Sustainable Beauty Brand Natura Is Now In Malaysia

This Brazilian brand takes care of both the environment and its local community.

Image source: Natura Malaysia

Sustainability is a hard benchmark to achieve. This makes Brazilian beauty brand, Natura, all the more commendable. A green-beauty pioneer, Natura has championed sustainability since the early 2000s. They do so by ensuring their products keep our environment safe, clean and well-preserved.

For example, the beauty brand provides refill packets and tubs for their skincare range, which are 10 to 20 per cent cheaper. With this, Natura hopes they can encourage consumers to be more aware of the importance of being green. Additionally, Natura uses recycled plastic for the packaging of their Lumina hair care, and recycled glass in all of their fragrance bottles.

Aside from this commitment to being green, what also excites us about Natura are the ingredients and where they come from. The brand has built a good relationship not only with the community around the Amazon forest, but with the Brazilian government too. This it has accomplished by providing Brazilians with job opportunities, and helping to save a particular fruit found only in the Amazon forest that was about to go extinct. This fruit is ucuuba, which works exactly like botox — naturally repairing one’s skin by restoring elasticity and firmness.

Other main ingredients in Natura’s formulas are castanha, andiroba, , pataua, acai, and murumuru. You’ll find them in Natura’s skincare, body care and hair care. They’ve been chosen for their ability to boost and restore moisture, radiance, and elasticity while also strengthening skin, hair and scalp. What’s more, Natura is 100 per cent vegan! So, you can trust in them and their baby care range for your little bundle of joy.

Make your way to Sunway Pyramid (G-Floor Water Feature area) to know more about Natura and purchase their products. The pop-up store will be there till end of the year. Alternatively, check them out online at

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These are our favourite products from Natura:

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  1. Natura Aqua auto-Replenish Gel-Hydrator, RM140. Formulated to suit all skin types, this hydrating cream boosts moisture and rebalances skin. It contains hyaluronic acid – BT technology to increase skin’s water level by up to 84 percent.
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