Makeup Artist Hacks You Need To Follow

Max Factor makeup artist, Liz Kelsh shares with us beauty tips to help enhance your eye makeup.


When it comes to eye makeup especially our brows and lashes, it can be very tricky and it takes multiple practise to get the hang of it. We know and understand how each of our brows tend to be a different shape as compared to the other side but don’t stress out as it is normal. Max Factor’s makeup artist Liz Kelsh shares with us hacks and tricks to help bring out our eyes, brows and lashes. From making them fuller, bigger and looking naturally on point, Liz has got you covered!

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Just Browsing

For the best day-to-day enhancements according to the different texture.

Powder: “These give oomph to thin brows – apply with a slant brush using hair-like strokes. Choose a colour slightly lighter than your natural brow and brush your brows (upwards and outwards) after?”

TRY: Wycon Cosmetics Contour Brow Powder and Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder.

Pencils and pens: “Ideal for filling in-between sparse hairs or for creating a finer brow tail. I like to use a pencil for shape and then add in individual hair-like strokes with a pen.”

TRY: Avon Mark. Perfect Brow Sculpting Pencil

Gels and fibre: “Great for keeping unruly brows in place , and the coloured options are fab for diffusing the odd grey brow. Some gels also contain fibres to add fullness.”

TRY: Too Faced Brow Quickie and Pixi Brow Tamer Grow Gel.

More Lashings

All the ways to volumise your lashes, without a single falsie.

Castor oil: This has acquired quite a following of late, despite the lack of direct scientific evidence. It does contain ricinoleic acid, which is thought to stimulate follicles into the growth stage. It also moisturises and adds gloss. Apply with a cotton tip to the lash line at night and gently wash in the morning.

TRY: Melvita Organic Castor Oil.

Lash (and brow) serum: Prescription-only Latisse was discovered while treating glaucoma. Its active ingredient, bimatoprost, is proven to work but side effects may include a permanent change in eye colour.

TRY: Talika Lipocils Platinium, an anti-ageing and boosting serum with silk extract peptides and plant complex.

Magnetic lashes: The top beauty search on Google last year, magnetic lashes like LASH, ETC. Magnetic Lashes, clearly captured our imaginations. Or confused us. You place one set of falsies over the top of your own lashes and the other set underneath, then snap them together.

Mascara: “As we age our skin loses elasticity, which can lead to eyes appearing more hooded,” explains Liz. “I like to use a black liner on the upper waterline (inner rim) which really helps to define the eye. Follow this with two coats of block mascara.”

TRY: The Body Shop Happy Go Lash Mascara, a tube style that simple slides off with water.

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