The expert reveals the game-changing method that helps your scent last longer and smell amazing even when you're sweaty!
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One, three, or more than five spritzes of perfume before you leave the house? We know how much you hate it when your favourite fragrance evaporates into thin air in this hot and humid weather. Or, how  sweat destroys a delicate scent — what a waste.  So, to find out how a scent can last longer on you in sultry weather, we spoke to an expert. Roger Schmid has over 40 years of experience working with fashion houses and luxury brands, making him a notable perfumer.

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Q: What can we do to still smell good in Malaysia’s hot and humid weather?

Roger Schmid (RS): Alcohol is the reason why fragrances evaporate, the higher the alcohol content, the faster your fragrances will evaporate. To make sure your scent stay longer you might want to start fragrance layering. Use essence as your base layer as it is a stronger fragrance compare to others. Without alcohol, essences are oils that last longer on our skin. Known as the “skin fragrance”, essence sticks on your skin, so if you want everyone in the room to smell it, layer it with fragrances or spritzes. The optimal sequence would be spraying fragrance and spritz after the essence to balance it out, of course how to layer your fragrances is a personal preference, but I would suggest applying essence first. Other than layering, you can also add fragrance to your clothes, pillow cases or bed sheets. Fragrances tend to stay longer on linen and cotton compare to spritzing them on your skin. You can also light up scented candles in your room too.


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