Neelofa Launches The Lofarbag with Sometime by Asian Designers

Five reasons you should get The Lofarbag!

With over 5 million followers on Instagram, and a huge style presence in the local fashion scene, it is no wonder Neelofa embarked on this collaboration with homegrown accessories and handbag brand Sometime by Asian Designers. The result: an exclusive and limited-edition The Lofarbag.

Five Reasons to Get The Lofarbag

  1. It comes in nine colours to represent the different personalities of women. Each characteristic is cleverly expressed with a burst of colours — from fun, graceful pastels to darker shades for confidence.
  2. Designed to be neat and practical. A perfect day-time companion for every multi-tasking woman. With a sling, spacious compartment and three pockets for accessories, it fits most of your essentials. 
  3. Made from vegan leather. It’s characteristic of Sometime, where premium synthetic leather and microfiber is used to maximise the natural textures of leather, with a smooth touch that comes with tactile functionality but not the weight.
  4. Easily available online via
  5. Value for money, this well-crafted handbag overseen by Neelofa and Nicole W., head of product at Sometime by Asian Designers, only costs RM259.

Visit for more information on The Lofarbag!


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