Her Beauty Awards 2019: Best Local Scalp Shampoo

Get glossy and healthy hair by using Claire Organics' natural shampoo bar!

Finding the shampoo that’s right for you isn’t as easy as it seems, despite having many options to choose from. That’s because most people forget that the scalp is also a part of the skin and thus, has to be treated with the same care. Moreover, healthy hair is also linked to a clean and healthy scalp. Over time, oil from our scalp and pollution can accumulate and clog hair follicles, eventually leading to hair loss.

The solution is to pick a shampoo that’s gentle yet effective on sensitive scalps. The silicone-free Camellia Hair & Scalp Shampoo Bar by Claire Organics is made from organic virgin olive oil and camellia oil — great for soothing inflammation and itch. Camellia oil will also penetrate deep into the follicles to clear away dirt and other impurities.

Other benefits of using camellia oil:

  • Softens and calms frizzy hair
  • Hydrates dry hair
  • Helps prevent dandruff
  • Treats damage from chemicals due to perming and colouring

This shampoo bar is best for those with normal to oily hair types. Truly a one bar wonder, you can also use it on your face and body.

Pair with…

We all know the sun emits harmful UV rays. What you can do to protect your skin is to use sunscreen regularly. Give the Claire Organics Sunscreen Face/Body Cream a try! This 2-in-1 daily moisturiser works best on sensitive or normal skin.

It’s 100% free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, cinnamate, benzophenone, and camphor derivatives (these can kill coral reefs). As it has an SPF of 25, you’re recommended to reapply it every couple of hours.

Find out more about the Camellia Hair & Scalp Shampoo and sunscreen at www.claire.my.