Get Raya-Ready With This Nail Spa Treatment

Indulge in this nail treatment.
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So you got your Raya clothes ready, made an appointment with your hair stylist, picked up your best go-to shoes, looks like you are all set, but don’t let it stop there. You are not Raya-ready until you get your Raya Rose Manicure and Pedicure done. And, now you can get them done in the Muslim-friendly The Nail Parlour. Plus, the festive preparation can be very hectic so take a short me-time break and indulge yourself with a spa treatment.

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Scrub and relax

The treatment starts off with a warm hand soak experience along with a hot relaxing foot bath that soothes your tired joints and stiff muscles. Good news is, with both your hands and foot soaked, you have no choice but to stay away from distraction — your phone. Other than having your nails meticulously trimmed, cleaned and filed, the therapist will also remove your calluses with a pumice stone, and your cuticles with Kester Black Halal certified remover. Prepare yourself for a very satisfying exfoliating scrub infused with rose oil and green tea extracts. The scrub is also helps to remove dry skin effectively. There is also a real honey drizzle on both your hands and foot that nourish your skin completely, leaving you with silky soft skin.

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