Fashion Personality: Bremen Wong on Wearable Art

From TV production to fashion design, this designer is one example of how you can make it if you put your thought into something

Bremen Wong, Founder of Bremen Wong Millinery

No stranger to the fashion industry, Bremen is known for his dramatic headpieces and earrings. His distinctive and eccentric style is easy to spot in no time.

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How did your brand come about?

“I started it in early 2010, and for the first three to four years, I sold handmade headbands at bazaars. They were really sellable and that became the motivation for me to design hats.”


So I assume that your background is in fashion design?

“No! I studied TV production – recording, holding the camera, scriptwriting, and video editing. But I realised I couldn’t take the long hours and working environment, so I quit. I then worked in retail at Carrefour as their textile business development manager for their in-house brand. My hair bands were a side business.”


Did you go for classes to learn how to make hats or accessories?

I’m a self-thought designer. I learnt from YouTube and practiced a lot, buying materials and sharpening my skills.”


With the growth of your brand, where do you see yourself in a few years?

“My personal goal is to go into academics – get my masters degree and be a lecturer. Yes, it’ll be a bit hard to manage to teach and designing at the same time, but I think it’ll be an advantage to me and my work. As for my brand, I’d like to make more exclusive hat designs and target the niche consumer. I’ve also been doing [3D] wall art – so imagine the designs of my hats, on a canvas.

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