Erase Dark Spots ASAP With This Brightening Serum

Go straight to the source for instant clarity.

No matter how thorough your skincare routine is, you would’ve noticed dark spots popping up on your face from time to time. A common cause is the excess production of melanin, which can be the result of exposure to UV rays, hormonal imbalance due to a stressful lifestyle,  diet, or various environmental factors that you’ve overlooked. These dark spots will not fade away over time. The only solution is one which addresses the root cause: production of unwanted melanin.

Star ingredients

A first in Japan, ONE BY KOSÉ Melanoshot White D is the result of a 3D analysis on the formation of dark spots. This brightening serum is jam-packed with active ingredients, including glycerin and glycosyl trehalose, to target unsightly spots while keeping your skin hydrated. These are the four star ingredients that work wonders:

  1. Chinese quince extract – subdue the signal to create melanin
  2. Resveratrol – an antioxidant that minimises the production of melanin, thus ‘decolourising’ dark spots
  3. Meshimakobu extract – an age-old solution used on dark spots in Japan
  4. Kojic acid – penetrates into the skin in a blink of an eye, to achieve fast anti-dark spots result

RM208 for 40ml

Fast and easy

Few have the luxury of committing to a many-step skincare routine. Our fast-paced lives dictate that everything needs to be done in a split second, including skin maintenance. A highly permeable solution, therefore, plays an important role in skincare – exactly why ONE BY KOSÉ Melanoshot White D should be a part of your routine.

To get the best result, all you have to do is spread two to three pumps of the serum gently across your face, every morning and evening, after applying a layer of lotion. Even dry and sun-damaged skin will benefit from it – the base of this brightening serum absorbs almost instantly, resulting in glowing and soft skin after each use.