Christmas 2019 Gift Guide: Beauty Edition

We listed some of our top picks for this season's gifting options that will get any beauty lovers excited!

Wow, it's already almost that time of the year! With Christmas just around the corner, these wonderful gift ideas will help you with shopping for your loved ones!

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This set of three 70g Diptyque candles fill your home with festive scents. Protective Pine combines Siberian fir, balsam fir and cedar, with notes of basil and sage intertwined. These herbs are said to have a protective aura. The red candle is appropriately named Lucky Flowers, as it incorporates notes of rose, cloves and aniseed to ring in a bright and hopeful new year. Last but not least, Blissful Amber will grant a restful slumber with subtle hints of relaxing geranium and lavender.

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