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Look as youthful as you feel with two power-packed products from Italy.
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Syaloderm for Cellulite

Cellulite can appear suddenly due to various reasons including certain dietary and exercise habits, hormones, genetics, and health conditions such as obesity. So, while addressing the root cause of your cellulite is important, you can help to speed up the restoration of healthy skin with Syaloderm Polyenzymatic Gel.

It’s an innovative formulation that combines specific enzymes and cosmetic active ingredients to effectively treat stubborn cellulite and localised fat deposits. Remember to exfoliate regularly for better absorption and effectiveness.

Apply this cellulite cream on areas of concern twice a day, massaging it from the bottom up until completely absorbed. This treatment can take a minimum of 20 days and up to three months before showing results.

Don’t worry if you notice some redness after application, as it’s a sign of cosmetic activity and linked to individual sensitivity. The presence and intensity of the redness generally disappears after around 30 minutes, depending on how sensitive your skin is. But do avoid applying it on particularly sensitive, irritated or injured skin. Always do a patch test first to check for an allergic reaction, and don’t use it while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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