Review: UR SPA @ The RuMa, Kuala Lumpur

Step into this urban oasis, and shrug away the stresses and pollution of a busy lifestyle.

Entrance to UR SPA

A pathway paved with wooden boards, nestled away from curious eyes. On the left, bamboo blinds and leafy greens bring the blinding sunlight down to a warm glow. At the end of this short walk, a stone fountain and earthen pot greet me on each side.

Sour plum and calamansi welcome drink

And so, began my 90-minute UR A GODDESS top-to-toe experience at UR SPA, on the 6th floor of The RuMa Hotel and Residences. Located right in the heart of the Golden Triangle, it’s easy enough to schedule in a mini retreat and digital detox between meetings or to wait out the notorious rush hour traffic. Despite being just above a busy road and flanked by skyscrapers, UR SPA evokes the ambiance of a tropical sanctuary by paying attention to detail.

Soft lighting and a neutral colour palette do wonders in soothing frazzled nerves. After a brief consultation and a tangy, ice-cold asam boi and calamansi drink, I’m led into a cosy treatment room. Here, a diamond motif weaved using straw stretches across the ceiling, bringing to mind a long house. Albeit one that’s very chic and modern. This is a nod to UR SPA’s subtle weaving of the Malay art of urut, inspired by the Northern Borneo tribes, into its traditional treatments.

It was aesthetically pleasing to open my eyes to this at the end of my treatment, instead of the usual cream or beige ceiling

I’m given a few whiffs of a botanical inhalation to decompress and relax, followed by a Kabat stretch to prep both mind and body. After checking on my comfort, my soft-spoken therapist flexed her nimble fingers for the Sacred Nature Gommage full-body scrub. Citrus extracts and jojoba esters gently sloughed away the grime of city living (and neglect, on my part), with shea butter providing moisture and glide for the granules. This mixture of ingredients also smelled really good and relaxing!

My pampering continued with the Vital Foot Therapy, which taps into the tenets of reflexology in relieving aches and pains. Our feet take the brunt of our rushed, always-on-the-go lifestyle – but get very little love in return. This part of the ritual rectifies it by restoring and balancing from the bottom-up.

At this point, I was zoning out with bliss… and there was still more to come. With the scrub and foot therapy easing blockages and promoting better circulation, the Essential Cleanse express facial wraps up loose ends by deeply cleansing pores, toning and refreshing the complexion. All in, it’s a glow-inducing combination!

You can lounge around at your private sun deck, attached to each treatment room, if there’s time

UR SPA uses bespoke and organic formulations by [ comfort zone ], and my typically reactive skin stayed calm both throughout and after the session. UR SPA actually takes a gender-neutral stance when it comes to their treatments – despite the one I went for being named UR A GODDESS, with UR A WARRIOR being another option on the spa menu. So, feel free to explore what works best for you. Who said goddesses have to be female and warriors, male, right?

P/S: If you fancy cooling down with a swim in the pool adjacent to UR SPA, bring your swimsuit as spa guests are granted complimentary access!