Beauty Review App @cosme Is Now Available in Malaysia

Finding the best beauty products is just a click away.

Some research and reading of reviews come in handy before you buy a beauty product, especially when it’s an expensive product. You can do this via @cosme, Japan’s largest cosmetic and ranking service mobile application. The mobile application is now available for download on Android via Google Play Store and iOS via App Store.

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@cosme, which has been around for 20 years, is an interactive beauty product review mobile application, that introduces a platform where a wide range of beauty products are reviewed and rated on their usage, popularity, credibility, efficacy and reliability.

Used by two-thirds of Japanese women in their 20s and 30s use the service, the mobile application has over 15 million reviews and 300,000 beauty product information ranging from cosmetics, skin care, hair care, body care and even fragrance in Japan.

You can easily search official product information for a wide range of brands from local Malaysian brands to popular international brands via the application. It also allows beauty addicts to read and post honest reviews, opinions, feedback, testimonials on the many beauty products listed.

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Reviews are verified by a dedicated professional team to prevent fraudulent posts

Users can filter their search by various categories such as price, concerns (e.g. skin type)  using an advanced search function in the application. With such features, the selection of cosmetics is tailored accurately to match the users’ needs. Products in the mobile application are ranked entirely according to users’ reviews, without any panel of judges involved. So, beauty products that are awarded by @cosme truly reflect the opinions of users.

With just a tap on the mobile application, consumers are given a platform where a display of reviews, rankings, and articles with beauty tips are presented, giving an avenue for consumers to gather ideas on the product in attempts to discern and decide if the desired beauty product is worth purchasing. In this aspect, the @cosme mobile application allows consumers to consider the beauty products’ indications and uses before purchase. Users of @cosme can also participate in in-app giveaways and win prizes.

It’s a beauty community

Embodying a socially interactive concept, @cosme allows users to rate products, like reviews and even follow other users whom they feel connected with, that share certain things in common with them, such as skin type, interest in similar range of beauty products and the like. The mobile application also offers suggestions and recommendations of products that are best suited for users, while furnishing information, ideas and articles on the latest beauty trends.