Batik With A Cause

Take a look at this brand that aims to empower local artisans in Malaysia

Batik: A universal pattern that will never go out of style. Materials, colours and the pattern drawn will change with time but essentially, the method never changes. Batik Boutique, however, is more than just a shop that sells batik products. Founded in 2014, it all started with the friendship of two women, Amy Blair and Ana, a single mother that was looking for more ways to earn.

With the hope to help more women like Ana to earn a fair and sustainable income to provide for their families, Amy founded Batik Boutique. Aside from selling hand-crafted batik gifts, fashion accessories, and apparels, Batik Boutique supports a sewing training centre in Kuala Lumpur and provides skills training and economic opportunities to artisans in the B40 segment that refers to the bottom 40% of households with a monthly income of RM3,900 and below. Now, there are more than 150 artisans that have worked with Batik Boutique.

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This month, Batik Boutique launches its second boutique outlet in Desaru. Batik Boutique partnered with the Westin Hotel to provide a quality gift and souvenir boutique onsite for the international and local guests. They will also sell other products curated from local brands such as Fugeelah, Amazin Graze, Tea Birth Tea, and Lokamade.