Aren’t Your Kids A Bit Too Young To Be Wearing That?

What’s appropriate and what’s too flashy or revealing for your teen when it comes to clothing?
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How your teen can incorporate sheer materials or shorts in their looks. Photo credit: Just Jared


Tips when shopping with your teens:

  • Sheer top: If you’re okay with this, make sure your teen wears a camisole underneath instead of a just a bra.
  • Crop top: This can get a little bit sexy for young girls, so avoid pairing one with low-rise bottoms and opt for high-waisted jeans to show less skin!
  • Miniskirt or ‘short’ shorts: Some pants can get a bit too ‘cheeky’, so put back those with hems that end right under the buttock and shop for skirts that have a slightly longer hem.
  • Plunging neckline: Again, with proper styling, this can also be age-appropriate. You can advise your daughter to wear a bandeau top underneath to cover her cleavage.
  • Bodycon dress: If your teenage daughter has a more voluptuous body, bodycon dresses can accentuate her figure and attract attention that she’s too young to deal with.


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