Aren’t Your Kids A Bit Too Young To Be Wearing That?

What’s appropriate and what’s too flashy or revealing for your teen when it comes to clothing?
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I’m not saying that you should wrap your daughters up with a blanket but with young girls, I feel it’s important to steer clear from showing any cleavage and bottoms that can get a bit ‘cheeky’ – so mini dresses or skirts, and hot pants, are probably not the best for going out. Besides that, opt for clothing that’s less form-fitting. A-line skirts and skater dresses are usually more age-appropriate. It also depends on where they’re wearing those clothes. If your daughter has on a crop top or hot pants at home, there’s no harm there. If they’re going to the movies or a café with friends, it can attract unwanted attention.

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If you‘re struggling with how your teen dresses, it’s important that you don’t body-shame her. Don’t say things like “you look like a tramp!” or “you’re a lady, so dress like one.” Try to say something like this instead: “I know you like wearing shorts but can you please wear something longer when we go out tomorrow?” It’s important you keep your cool while conversing with your daughter. Share with her your concerns when she dresses a certain way, and encourage or praise the outfits that you approve of. But ultimately, it’s important to note that you can’t control how she dresses when she becomes an adult. Personal style is called that for a reason – it isn’t yours.

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