Aren’t Your Kids A Bit Too Young To Be Wearing That?

What’s appropriate and what’s too flashy or revealing for your teen when it comes to clothing?
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Some days when I walk around a shopping mall or pass by a hip cafe, I see a group of young girls hanging out and think to myself, “Wow, aren’t they a bit too young to be wearing those clothes?” Coming from a quite conservative family (or rather, a conservative mother and maternal grandparents), I remember not being able to wear any skirts or dresses that fall above my knees, let alone crop tops or deep V-neck shirts – I’d be kicked out of the house! The thing with this generation is that everyone has become so much more vocal and expressive. And fashion? It’s a form of expression.

At their age, teens are looking for their identity. So, it’s okay to let them explore the way they want to present themselves to the world. The tough part for parents, however, is the influence of media and Instagram personalities (remember post-breakup Miley Cyrus?), as well as their kid’s friends and surroundings. A lot of what’s available in stores can be quite skimpy and revealing, making it a bit difficult for you to shop for your teen. I believe everyone should be able to wear whatever they want – that is when they’re mature enough to make those choices for themselves.

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