Ask The Doctor: PICOPLUS Laser Treatment in Malaysia

Dr Anna Hoo answers queries and concerns about this new type of skin laser.
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 There’s a new laser in town, and it’s one that aesthetic doctors are recommending even to those with sensitive skin. The PICOPLUS System is US FDA-approved and currently available at Anna Hoo Clinic, Revival Clinic and The MAC Clinic. Prices range between RM2,500 and RM3,000 per session.

As PICOPLUS is developed by Korea’s pioneering aesthetic laser medical device company, LUTRONIC, it’s designed to safely and effectively treat Asian skin.

We caught up with Dr Anna Hoo to find out more about this skin laser. Here’s what you need to know, including how it works, downtime, and post-laser care.

Q: What sets PICOPLUS apart from other laser treatments?

Dr Anna Hoo: PICOPLUS is the latest in skin laser technology; a faster and safer way to reduce scars, tattoos, acne marks, and even melasma. It sets itself apart from traditional Q-Switch lasers as it can deliver energy in a pico-second! This speed allows fewer treatments compared with conventional Q-switch Laser and with lesser downtime.

It’s also a versatile laser that allows the physician to personalise a treatment plan. Its handpieces can be mixed and matched to an individual patient’s requirement, according to diagnosis and desired result.

When treating scars, the PicoPlus Dual Focused Dots Handpiece allows deeper penetration under the skin, while keeping the surface skin intact.

For red and sensitive skin, the PicoPlus Gold Toning Handpiece with 595nm wavelength is able to reduce redness, and improve overall skin quality.

As for the Pico Toning Collimated Handpiece, it’s able to improve skin discolouration and even up the skin tone.

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