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Recover your skin’s natural beauty with CS12 Skin Care, a range created to rejuvenate all skin types.

Which area do you pay attention to the most during your skincare routine?

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Many of us are guilty of neglecting the eye area. Did you know – it’s one of the key areas on the face to show the first signs of ageing? Th is is because the skin around the eyes is thinner. Apart from wrinkles and fine lines, eye bags, uneven skin tone and dark under-eye circles are all manifestations of early signs of ageing too.

Our everyday habits could be what’s causing the most damage at the eye area. For example, fine lines or wrinkles could appear due to constant squinting, frowning, excessive eye rubbing, and rough handling when removing makeup. In addition, fatigue and dehydration can causes dark under-eye circles, and
diet high in sodium can exacerbate the appearance of puff y eyes as a result of fluid retention.

For Your Eyes Only

Here to provide you with a targeted solution is CS12 Skin Care, a homegrown skincare brand that brings you advanced and innovative products formulated with premium natural ingredients. You may even have heard of their renowned Miracle Mask that infuses moisture deep into the skin.

We love the CS12 24K Gold 2-in-1 Multi Eye-Solution (30ml), RM288, that’s carefully formulated to work on all skin types, especially sensitive skin. It features a 2-in-1 gel plus serum function with 24K gold, hazel leaf extract and aloe vera as the key ingredients to lighten dark under-eye circles. It also reactivates the skin’s metabolism for better absorption of moisture and improved circulation
around the eyes, resulting in brighter and firmer skin. Say goodbye to visible fine lines and oil seeds too!

Accompanying the 2-in-1 Multi Eye-Solution is the CS12 18K Plated Gold Steel Massage Tool which encourages product absorption for eyes that look less tired and puff y. You can also use the tool on your whole face for an overall lifted appearance. To know more, go to

Beauty Tip: Skincare massage tools can also be used on the neck, chin, brow bone and cheeks to help enhance skin firmness.

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