A Must-Have Watch For Divers

Take a look at this exceptional watch from Orient Star!

RE-AU0301B with black dial case

Epson has recently introduced its new waterproof atmospheric professional diving watches, the Diver model (RE-AU0301B) that comprises of four models in the same case design. This watch’s hands and hour markers placed on a spacious dial in a contrasting backdrop result in easy readability anytime, anywhere. The indexes are filled with a higher volume of luminous paint to enhance brightness and ensure high visibility, even in deep-sea specs or during night dives. Aside from being IOS-compliant watches that are waterproof for up to 200 meters, there’s also a power reserve indicator placed at the 12 o’clock position.

Works well on a night dive too

Another favourite feature of ours about this watch is the adjustable clasp extension makes it easy to adjust the strap size when wearing a wet suit! These watches are priced from RM3,300 to RM3,950. Orient Star timepieces are available at Solar Time retail shops, Orient Boutique, and all fine watch retailers nationwide.