4 Things You Should Never Wear To Work

Get noticed at work for your performance, not your appearance.
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It’s true that most companies are heading towards the smart casual direction when it comes to dress code. However, no matter how casual or relaxed a workplace is, there’s actually a slew of things that you need to  avoid in order to look their absolute best.

Anything too tight/revealing

Plunging necklines, midriff revealing crop tops, sheer fabrics,  mini skirts and those skimpy dresses don’t belong in the workplace. You are making your coworkers extremely uncomfortable when you flash your gems and too much skin.

And while we are on that, a skirt that barely covers your bum isn’t a good idea either. And please say no to VPL!

When you wear revealing attire people may think you are less than professional. You can debate the fairness of that—and you may not be wrong—but that unfortunately won’t change people’s perceptions.

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