5 New Korean Skincare You Need to Get Now

Achieve the dewy glass skin of Korean celebrities with these latest K-beauty additions to our shores.
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K-beauty (short for Korean Beauty) is dominating the industry and it’s here to stay. Proven to be one of the best in improving skin problems and achieving a clear complexion, many have embraced the complex 10-step routine and filled their vanity table with different K-beauty stalwarts. To help you wade through the vast sea of beauty products, here’s a compilation of new K-beauty items you shouldn’t miss out on.

Image: Wako

9Wishes 6 Ampoule Serums Series, RM 50 each 

When I was first introduced to 9Wishes, what caught my eyes was their series of 6 ampoule serums. These target various skin problems such as pigmentation, hydration, inflammation, and ageing – de-stressing your skin, and also strengthening its barrier. Another plus point of this series is that even though it’s highly concentrated, each ampoule has a light texture that’s suitable for daily use, day and night.

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