12 Stylish Reusable Shopping & Grocery Bags To Get Now

Doing your bit for the planet never goes out of fashion.

Image: Depositphotos

‘Going green’ is more than a catchphrase – it’s a continuous lifestyle choice that takes commitment! To encourage a more sustainable way of life, some brands are now offering incentives to shoppers who make an effort.

For example, The Food Purveyor – which runs Village Grocer and Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G.) – gives a 20-cent reward to customers who bring reusable bags to carry their purchases home. This is paid out as 20 points from its BITES loyalty programme.

To support this ongoing campaign, Village Grocer and B.I.G. currently have a full range of multi-use eco-bags. Both supermarket chains are also eliminating single-use plastics in store, aiming to be single-use plastic free by 2023. To do this, they’ll convert all bakery packaging to recycled paper, as well as reduce the amount of cling-wrapped fruits and vegetables. In addition, they’ll try out alternative produce packaging, such as banana leaves, brown paper and cardboard boxes.

Here, we bring to your attention 12 reusable shopping and grocery bags that don’t compromise your personal style – in a range of sizes and prices. Another important point: they’re all either washable or easy to wipe down.

B.I.G. Festive Eco-bag, available in-store

Cotton On Foundation Kids Large Shopper, RM12, available here

Rume Regular – Hamptons Spring in NY, RM22.50, available here

Cath Kidston Orchard Birds Foldaway Shopper Bag, RM49, available here

The Great Indoors Bawa Tote Bag – Antang Lama, RM51.90, available here

Rubi Woven Tote Bag, RM89, available here

Oh Sebenar A Feels Trip Tote Bag, RM71.10, available here

Bingka Peranakan Tiles Tote Bag, RM155, available here

Superdry Amaya Weave Tote Bag, RM269, available here

Christian Villa Star Die-Cut Design Leather Shopping Tote Bag, RM1,314, available here

Red Valentino Fancy Flower Shopper Bag, RM1,410, available here

Miu Miu Denim Print Shopping Tote, RM3,310, available here