It would be hard to deny that for most of us, our hair is our crowning glory. Our hair is so much a part of us – it’s so wrapped up in our identity that sometimes, we don’t realise that our hair also grows with us and changes as we go through the phases of our lives.

Just like we might remember major milestones in our lives, in between, in and out, our hair is there with us (even if it is wrapped under a hijab!). You’ll probably remember that terrible hair colour you’ve done – even more so than your first kiss. You’ll remember that day you got “The Rachel” ’do or the most amazing balayage — probably even more than the details of what happened during prom or your first day of work.

It really is just all about how you felt in that given moment. And speaking about our hair can evoke so much emotion. 

So, taking on the #10YearChallenge that was all over social media, we speak to four ladies about a #10YearHairChallenge to see where their hair was back then, their 10 year hair journey since then, and how their hair is now. We mean, if our hair could speak, imagine the things it would say!

Hit play on the video below to hear from the ladies themselves, and scroll through to see their stories.