Which Coffee Has The Most Calories?

Is your latte making you gain weight? Find out here.

We know, we know… you love coffee but did you know that how you take your cuppa and what you add into in can make you gain weight?

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A cup of coffee make seem harmless but add in cream, a pump of flavored syrup, and some sugar – and you are in for a very calorie-dense drink – more like sweetened milk than coffee.

“To help you on your quest to say as slim and trim as possible, here are your favourite coffees compared according to how many calories they contain.

Black coffee

Believe it or not, black coffee has less caffeine than brewed drinks because it’s just coffee beans and water. The total calorie count for a plain cup of brewed coffee is less than 5 calories — and no fat.

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The average small latte ( with approximately 220ml of regular milk) with no added sugar has around 120 calories – the ideal amount for a snack. But if you take it with sugar you’re adding around 16 extra calories per teaspoon.


A cappuccino made from skim milk has about 68 calories. The milk you choose to add to your coffee can make a huge difference in your caloric intake. One cup of regular milk has 150 calories but one cup of almond milk only has about 30 calories.

Kopi C

If your jeans are feeling a little tighter, your regular Kopi C in the morning or during tea break could be the culprit. A small cup of Kopi C (that’s coffee with evaporated milk and sugar) has about 90 calories in it while Kopi with condensed milk has a whopping 135 calories.

Kopi O

Think you’re safe by just ordering Kopi O? Most coffee shops add lashings of sugar into their drinks bringing a simple drink like the Kopi O to around 85 calories. Where possible, opt for less sweet or add the sugar yourself to control your intake.

Iced Coffee

Depending on the add-ons and toppings you choose for your iced coffee, your calorie intake can vary widely. Whipped cream, for example, adds 101 calories to your coffee with just two tablespoons. A frappucino, meanwhile, has an average serving of 140 calories!

Cafe Mocha

Because of the addition of chocolate, 1 cup of Cafe Mocha has a caloric counter of 197 calories – and that’s if you make it yourself. Commercially prepared mocha coffees are the worst offenders, even with nonfat milk, and typically have upwards of 250 calories in them.

Instant coffee

A simple packet of instant coffee can be quickly prepared at home and has no more calories that a cup of brewed black coffee so that’s about 5 calories per cup.