What You Need To Spice Up Your Christmas

Have a jolly, merry Christmas with McCormick adding a flavourful zing to your dishes!
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It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas, which means it’s time to whip out the festive recipes for a sumptuous feast! One of the most essential (and challenging) parts of preparing a good Christmas meal has to be getting the condiments just right. Not only will your choice affect how the dish tastes, you’ve got to consider everyone’s palate.

Be it an intimate family gathering or a huge party, you’ll find something that suits all from among McCormick’s extensive range of herbs and spices.


Garlic Powder

Made from whole garlic cloves, McCormick Garlic Powder is the key to taking your food from good to amazing. Add it to a spice rub when marinating meat, stir some into your greens, or use it to season popcorn – it’s so versatile! Not just a must-have during the festive season, it’s also a year-round crowd favourite.

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