Single-Origin Dark Chocolate That’s Made In Malaysia

Healthier, high quality, and more sustainable.

Cocoa that’s grown locally. Photography: Seniman Kakao

Single-origin chocolate is an up-and-coming food trend that’s slowly catching on in Malaysia. This type of chocolate is made with cocoa beans sourced from one geographical area. Sometimes, specifically from one cocoa plantation!

Conventional chocolates, on the other hand, are typically made using a blend of cocoa beans from different regions and countries. As chocolate’s taste is influenced by the region where the beans are grown, you get to savour a distinctive flavour in single-origin chocs.

Sustainable And Socially-Conscious

Cocoa harvested by the indigenous Semai tribe. Photography: Chocolate Concierge

Taste profile aside, single-origin chocolate that’s made and sold locally is also better on the environment. It’s not common knowledge (yet), but Malaysia is a producer of cocoa beans. And a few artisinal chocolate makers are catching on — using local cocoa beans to make world-class chocolates.

A local cocoa plantation. Photography: Seniman Kakao

By buying local, you’ll help to minimise carbon emissions released during the transportation process. You’ll also keep local cocoa farmers in business. Some artisinal chocolatiers take it a step further by paying above market price for local cocoa beans, to ensure farmers earn a good wage that will sustain their livelihoods.

A Healthier Treat

Single-origin and artisinal chocolates are also often healthier than commerical chocolates, as we learnt from Queenie Teng, the executive director of Harriston. Her family-owned company makes premium artisinal chocolates from locally-sourced cocoa beans, marketed under Harriston Chocolatier.

Photography: Harriston Chocolatier

As artisinal chocolatiers make their products from scratch, many are choosing to leave out the additives that are added to commercial chocolates. Additives include emulsifiers, soy lectins, stabilisers, palm oil, and lots of bleached sugar. These make chocolate cheaper to produce and give it a longer shelf life.

So, without them, dark chocolate is even healthier to consume!

Here’s where you can get your hands on fine Malaysian-made, single-origin dark chocolate.

Harriston Chocolatier

A premium artisinal brand, Harriston Chocolatier has single-origin chocolate sourced from three places in Malaysia. Besides these, the boutique in The Linc Kl also has milk, dark, ruby and herb-flavoured chocolate bars, in addition to pralines and panned chocolate.

Address: Lot 1/10 & 1/11, The Linc, 360 Jalan Tun Razak, Taman U Thant, Kuala Lumpur

Seniman Kakao

Founded by the mastermind of Artisan Roast, Seniman Kakao works with Malaysian cocoa producers across Malaysia. Adamant about preventing exploitation, Seniman Kakao pays these producers according to the quality of cacao supplied (about 300 per cent above market rate).

As the team oversees the entire process from bean to bar, they add as little cane sugar as possible into making a delicious bar of chocolate. The Seniman Kakao cafe also serves up chocolaty food and beverages!

Address: 29, Jalan Pudu Lama,
50200 Kuala Lumpur


Made with chocolate bars from Seniman Kakao, Cocoraw’s The Local Kakao truffles are 70 per cent cocoa from Pahang.

Click for a list of locations.

Chocolate Concierge

Chocolate Concierge sources cocoa beans from its own local plantation, jointly-owned plantations, and the indigenous Semai and Temuan tribes who grow their cocoa at the fringe of wilderness. At the shop in Bangsar Shopping Centre, you’ll also find truffles infused with very Malaysian flavours.

Address: Lot No. G1, Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 285, Jalan Maarof, Kuala Lumpur